Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Failure

I haven't died. Although, I admit it probably seems like I did since it's been forever since I last posted. In my defence I've been busy! I could probably filling a blogging book with all that has been going on lately. In December Boo went to Cleveland Clinic to have a fresh muscle biopsy done. It was originally scheduled for Dec. 16th (They gave us 2.5 weeks notice) but then on Dec. 6th they called us to let us know there was a mistake, a double book and could we please be there on the 8th? Sure no problem we don't have a life anyway right? Away we went. A simple enough procedure but Boo had to be inpatient from the early morning of the surgery to the next evening due to O2 and feeding intolerance issues. It's had it's own lasting effects too as we still have not been able to take him of the O2 as much as we were able to prior to the surgery. Other than that he is back to his old self. In fact, he's doing great! He hasn't had so much as a running nose since his cold in early November.

After the rollercoaster the Cleveland run was we came home to a Christmas season in full swing. Celebrating Jesus's coming to earth is a big deal in our family and we had several parties and get togethers, multiple baking sessions and dozens of cups of hot cocoa. The kids loved it all. We topped it off with a trip to Arkansas where several of my relatives live including my Grandpa whom I love dearly and who's name I bestowed on Boo as a middle name. We've been here for nearly 3 weeks and leave tomorrow (Love having a DH who can work from anywhere!). It has been the best break ever. No doctors appointments or therapy sessions! I'm realizing just how much time they take up now that I have lived without them for awhile. It has also been amazing watching my 82 year old Grandpa play the same games with my kids as he played with my cousins and I growing up. You have to admire a man that will play hide-n-go-seek at that age! Boo is thoroughly attached and I think they are both going to miss each other when we leave. I'm going to miss the coffee and long games of scrabble. I will also miss all the space and sunshine!

One of the little things that made this trip easier was our medical supply company loaned us an Eclipse air concentrator. Let me tell ya folks, I don't want to give it back!! It's SOOOOOO much lighter, quieter and nicer looking than the behemoth that is at home and I took it everywhere we went. Plus, it fits in the car in front of his car seat so has virtually eliminated our need for tanks. We brought 4 small tanks with us as back up but have only used 1 in three weeks as I only used it to carry him into a store and lunch a couple times. The behemoth takes up a good 1/3 of the trunk and in our Passat that is valuable space so having it free made all the difference! I've also had more cruise bookings this week than last fall combined and it's hard to focus on work when I'm visiting with family I rarely see.

While it has been fun being away I am also feeling a pressure to be home. Two of our friends are in the hospital with their kids and neither one is getting great news. I'm wishing I was there to bring a meal or coffee or something. The burden on my heart for them is so great! Sometimes, I wonder how much I can handle when it comes to "bareing one another's burdens" as God tells us too. I pray often and find that doing something to help is what gives me the strength to keep going. I have decided though that I can not handle my four sis-in-law's petty drama! The boyfriend runaround, the "parents don't get it" shpeels, the bad choices AAAAAHHHH!!!!! I want to just slap them up side the head and say "Girls, really?! There is more to life then this!!" I'm cutting it out and even asked my hubs not to pass on all the "news". It has been a great decision.

So there you have it, a very small nut shell of what has kept me away from here. I have a lot more on my mind and heart but sleep calleth my name....