Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When the Puke Hit's the Fan

There are a lot of posts that I have swirling around my head right now. (We got the stroller!! But that is another post) for today I have to write a quick update about an event in my day. First a little background. Boo has been sick since last Thursday but thanks to the port we've had infusion services come out for fluids and with a half functioning gut we've managed to stay home. Turns out he caught the flu or at least that's what I'm assuming because after spending a night with him retching every hour, not tolerating feeds and needing a continuous venting I spent the following night puking my own guts out while Hubs layed next to me moaning and groaning like he was going to die. (The man claims to have a high pain tolerance but I beg to differ at least when it comes to GI stuff). My mom, God Bless her! came up Saturday to give us some help in the way of taking the girls away for the whole afternoon. Pudge came home and spent the night puking and asking for water which she would promptly puke up again. It's been a week of weighing diapers, measuring fluids, taking temps, talking to doctors, coordinating services and paying attention to the healthy child who still wants to be loved and carried  for and suddenly has no playmates.

So fast forward to today. Boo's tolerance is dwindling, he's pushing nearly everything I put into the J out through the G and he's all but stopped peeing and he has high amounts of protien in the urine. We called three of his doctors, two agreed on the plan we followed: a last ditch effort of addtional fluids, gut rest overnight and maxing out the baclofen.The other uber-specialist's resident calls rather panicked and wants him admitted asap. But hadn't actually talked to the attending. So we went with the fluid plan because sorry Chica but I don't take orders from flustered, panicky residents who come up with their own plans. However, if this doesn't work everyone is in agreement we go inpatient tomorrow. Fingers crossed as even with nothing going into his gut he is still draining bile out the gport. So the nurse comes and stocks us up on a million supplies and trains me how to hook up his line.(Apparently after two weekend runs they are ready to have our house more prepared) Finally, after 4 months I feel like I have a handle on supplies, who to call, what to do etc. We got ZERO training at or after the placement hospital stay, not a shred of paper nada so I've been feeling really lost. As you can imagine my day was just about stressed to the max.

Pudge had been feeling great all day and just as I was about to send Hubs off for some much needed Chinese comfort food she looks at me with that tell tale face and says she doesn't feel good. I quickly pick her up to wisk her to the bathroom but get no further than the kitchen before Mt. Saint Pudge erupts. I nearly banged us into the walls as I went slipping and sliding through the fall out all the way to the bathroom (thankfully being a tiny house that wasn't far but it felt like it) she continued to erupt into the toilet. I yelled for Hubs who stuck his head out and said "On a phone call about to make a sale do you really need me?" Ug, no I do like to eat, go back to work....another eruption. At that moment I was so thankful for uncarpeted floors.  I stripped her down and put her in the bathtub. More to keep her from tracking her um...lunch...through the rest of the house than to actually make her feel better. I felt better after I finished cleaning the toilet, floors, walls, doors, side of the tub and the clean basket of laundry that she managed to hit. (who knew someone so small could produce so much?!)

After the world was again sane, Boo hooked up and peacefully watching Cars, Pudge clean and happy I went to get the Chinese Wonderfood and swung through Walgreens for toilet paper where God had a special treat just for me. The Ben & Jerry's was on sale 2 for $6.00 and to make it better there was a coupon good for $.55 off each. I bought two. Once I got home we had dinner and I let Hubs get the kids ready for bed while Ben, Jerry, Jodi Picoult and I spent some quality time in the hammock. Hubs knew better than to argue, he'd been gone all day and because he is really that sweet of a guy. It had been one of those days. Not unlike any other day in this household but one where the reality of our crazy life was getting to me.