Friday, July 1, 2011

Stroller Update

So back in May I posted about talking to our insurance about purchasing a retail stroller rather than a medical one. Let me tell you it has been a long road. Actually, the looonnng wait has not been due to the medical supply company or the insurance company but rather the retail stroller company. We found a children's store that could order one in and they were willing to order in a "floor model" for us so we could try before we buy. However, they tried to order it and the manufacturer kept stalling and finally after nearly two months told the children's store they wouldn't send one out till the fall. Drat... We could order one and have it in two weeks but the refund policy is store credit and if we bought it, it didn't get approved and we wanted to return it, we would have to find $1200.00 worth of baby items to replace it with. We had been waiting to submit it for approval to our insurance company until we had seen it but finally decided to just submit it and called our casemanager to discuss the options. If we get it approved and it doesn't work we can still submit for the medical version but we'd still be stuck with a shopping spree (not that I would mind that but Hubs might ;D) We decided to risk it, we are waiting for approval, then going to order it and if it doesn't work return it for carseats, a life time suppy of diapers and a new wardrobe.

Of course I'm kicking myself for not being able to have all this figured out in the first place because now we won't have anything until the end of July at best, perfect stroller weather will be half gone. Every time I leave the house and deal with the now very worn out, overloaded and hard to push current version I dream of the Mylo and it's one hand push. As we clatter loudly down the cobblestone streets (no really we turn heads with the racket made from the tiny wheel holding the O2 buddy board) I imagine the noiseless suspension of the Mylo carriage where the O2 machine will be whisked along by an undersling and not a board at all. Every time I push Boo next to a table I picture him having a seat AT the table instead of under it pointing to all the gum. It's like looking in the window of a fabulous italian restaurant, seeing the tantilizing pasta, smelling the wonderful sauce and then going home to mac & cheese.

While in Chicago for the UMDF Symposium we called a shop to find out they carried the Mylo and we could have easily gone for a test drive but they were out and had just sold the floor model the day before...REALLY?!? Speaking of the symposium it was great! It really should have it's own blog post but since this one has already become a book I'll save it. But for now lets just say that I had a great weekend with great roomies, learned lots of things that are going to be helpful, laughed a bunch, met so many wonderful people and enjoyed a great adventure getting home.

Well, time to think up something for dinner...I made a big breakfast so I am just so not motivated for dinner and will admit that there are SOME (very few but some) meals where having everyone tube fed would have it's advantages ;) 

Please pray for Eithene, Breylon and all the Mito warriors out there fighting tonight.