Saturday, September 4, 2010

The First One

So I have been thinking that I should do this for quite some time. I like blogs, I've blogged about travel in my other life (the one with more time for work) and sometimes I think in "blogging" as in, I write a story in my mind about what I am doing. (I know a bit crazy) I do like to write though and that probably stems from my love of reading. So this is going to be about my life. (How would you even begin to write a blog about someone else's life anyway?!?) This is probably also going to turn into a blog about my kid's lives because they are my world :)

I should probably give some background information for people that might stumble upon this in the wee hours of the morning in cyberland when they have nothing better to do than bounce from blog to blog in random searches for information.

So the basics, I've been married for seven years to a wonderful man who God sent directly to marry me. I have three children. Arlana aka "The Princess" who is 6 and while challenging to parent due to her strong personality she is also a wonderful child who would love nothing better than to spend her whole day learning something new with her parent's at her side. Evie aka "Pudge" is 3 and I often refer to her as my little bird because she is sweet and expressive with a cute little voice. She loves to cuddle and to follow her big sister around. Bennet aka "Boo" will be turning 2 in November and when you look in his big blue eyes you could get lost because they are so amazing. He loves matchbox cars, trains, water and sand. He is also a medically complex child who's current probable diagnosis is Mitochondrial Disorder. It's really the only thing that fits but hasn't been confirmed yet.
This past 2 years has been one full of changes. My husband went from a stable job with little family time to a less stable one with lot's more family time. We went from a virtually carefree family of four to a much more complicated family of 5 two months sooner than we thought we would be. We sold our big beautiful house (about 5x what we have now) in the country and moved into a little "cottage" in the city closer to our children's hospital which we frequent often. The change has been good and I definitely like not having to clean so much!

So that is the basics, I'm sure more will come out later :)

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