Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a day!

The problem with having a hectic life is that sometimes things get forgotten and today I forgot about a playdate that had been planned for nearly a week and I even talked about with my friend at least twice. Good thing it wasn't at my house! Lately it seem that if I don't have a phone reminder set I don't remember anything so I rely on it. Problem with that is you have to remember to plug in the phone to the charger every once in awhile (which I did) AND remember to plug the charger into the wall (which I didn't) this resulted in a dead phone this morning which I didn't realize until much...much...later.

The other thing that threw me off today was a last minute idea to get our car fixed while I was at a doctor's appointment with Boo. This took some logistics, drop the girls off at their Oma's first, get dropped off by hubby at the Docs next, walk 1 mile after the appointment to meet up with hubby so we could walk another mile to our favorite area coffeeshop to wait out the fix. While it was a beautiful sunny day and Boo was loving the scenery I was wishing there were more sidewalks! I ordered my favorite drink known as a Java Slinger and had them add an extra shot of espresso this brought the espresso shot count to five in my 16oz cup. Yes, ladies and gentleman I consider it the best drink known to man because I think the only way you could get more caffeine and sugar simultaneously into your system in under 16oz is by IV.

The day was not without some other upsets, the car cost $200 more to fix then they thought, Boo's feeding pump just kept alarming....and alarming...and alarming. Which got very....very....very....annoying! It was also annoying to have Boo grab the warm milk I ordered in addition to my coffee and spill most of it over himself. He didn't seem to even care.

His appointment had gone well. He's been having some issues with his breathing which we will continue to monitor for now seeing that he has some sort of viral infection going on in his throat although thankfully it is very minor because he isn't running a fever. I'm praying it continues to be minor! Otherwise, if the viral goes away and he is still having some difficulty then it might be part of his autonomic dysregulation. You just never know with Boo! Right now he is sleeping and breathing like he just ran a marathon. Ahhh...sleep...something I should be doing!

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