Monday, September 6, 2010

Maximizing Space

One of the great things about having a handy hubby is that when I get an idea he can put it into action. Being that our house only has 2 small bedrooms the girls have been sleeping on glorified camping cots and Boo has been sleeping on his mattress in the closet opening turned crib. There is no way twin size bunk beds would fit in their micro sized room and leave any play space worth standing in. Now, there is a corner of their room that had been turned into a closet space with the addition of rods and curtains which is where Boo has been sleeping. I'd gotten this idea in my head before but had waited for a good time to put it into action and as it turned out it was the perfect labor day project. We took the rods and curtains out of the space, spent $53.48 on wood, cut up an old foam mattress to make two smaller ones and installed a triple height custom bunk bed in the 4.9 ft x 2.5ft space. Voila! in 6 hours we had army bunks with a fun twist in that we also put up a cutout of a tree so now they all three sleep very comfortably and compactly in their "treehouse". This has left the entire rest of the room to be used for play space! We aren't quite done with it yet but I am excited to get it just how I want it because it's going to be fabulous! I'll put up pictures if I ever actually get around to painting it!

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