Saturday, November 20, 2010

Twice in a week!

So check it out people I'm posting twice in one week! I know earth shattering right? OK maybe not but it's a first for me here. I tend to keep very busy and I think it's my subconcious way of NOT obsessing about Boo. Because I'll admit when I start something I become totally obsessed with it until it's finished/solved. Well Boo's medical condition isn't going to get "finished or solved" anytime soon so I've dropped out of Google Medical University (and I was sooo close to my MD!) and enrolled in "Domestic Diva Academy" instead. Baking, cooking, sewing, knitting you name it I have it going on! As I mentioned in a previous post I made a dress for a date night. Well a friend of mine has a start up photography studio and invited me over to model my new dress. The only problem was that her studio is in her basement and is designed for kids which meant I couldn't stand up for pictures in my 4 inch heels! Here was probably one of the better ones (that's she's emailed me anyway) although the skirt actually came to about 6 inches above the knees when standing vs the super mini it looks like here!

So that date was FABULOUS!! Hubby looked really hot in his suit our friends were, as usual, a blast to be with and it felt wonderful to be a polished adult for an evening! I owe that date to a terrific sis-in-law who has tirelessly volunteered to be trained to take care of Boo for short periods and offers her services at least twice a month (plus she cleans and does laundry!). Without her we'd be starved for alone time.

Right now I'm back to my life in jeans, chunky sweaters, ponytails and fuzzy socks as well as beeps, buzzing and other alarms that come with Mito life. Boo has been more tired than usual the last few days and has required almost continuous O2 and I'm trying to decide if it's teething (three coming in!) the G-tube feeding trials (doing good at continous for a couple hours a day!) or if something else is up. So hard to tell! Well that's about all I had for today :)


  1. WOW, love the photo! Beautiful. If it makes you feel any better, I gave up on my degree over a year ago! Sorry Boo isnt feeling well, it seems to be that time of year our kiddos are sick more. Hope he perks up soon. Keep adding the pics, love to see more of your eyesight is going bad in my old age! HUGs and prayers for your sweeet boy-
    Heidi & Jack.

  2. Heidi, thank you, and now that I have figured out how to post pictures I hope to do so more often :)