Monday, November 29, 2010

When your friends struggle

Today I read an update of a friend's son who also has mito and is going through a rough time. My heart breaks for them because I know the pain of regression, the uncertainty and raw fear of the unknown. It also breaks because I know that the next update could be our own. Mito changes things in moments and at anytime it could be Boo. Right now he is doing well. We've avoided the hospital twice now and I consider that a big deal! However I know it's not an "if" we ever go back to the hospital but more of a "when". It's just the nature of this disease. Right now it's our friends and we stand by them because we've been there too. Not always with the exact symptoms but with the same emotions and thoughts. Part of me can feel guilty when a friends child is doing worse than Boo. After all, he is doing amazingly well overall right now and to see another child with the same disease go through a rough patch while you sail by can be...a complicated emotion! You are happy your own child is doing so much better than the other and at the same time want that child to improve to the same place. Mito seems to be the instigator of complicated emotions on many levels though! Tonight I will be praying for the improvement of a special little buddy of Boo's and in the same breath praying that Boo at least stays where he is at. Because, I know it could be him next time.

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  1. I get that feeling. sometimes you feel guilty, at the same time, elated that you child is doing so well, but sad that a child with the same disease is not at the moment. and then when it's your child in the rough patch, you are so frustrated because they were doing so well just a day or two prior. It really is an emotional rollercoaster! So happy Boo is doing well right now.